The biggest joy of life is in doubling it by sharing. At Global Sufi Peace and Research Foundation, we strongly believe in sharing being the best way by which humanity can appreciate life. Share your love and joy by spending time in orphanages, old age homes, hospitals, welfare communities and at places where you can motivate others to feel the happiness and seek the ultimate truth.


Your feelings are stronger than words. What you feel for someone, it will surely be communicated to them by verbal or non-verbal modes of communication of your body. A negative thought can spoil someone’s day while a positive thought can uplift the mood around. A positive feeling for everyone you see, sets out a resonant wave of assurance in the hearts. Wear an infectious smile all day long.

True care emerges equally for everyone – your maid, driver, family, friends, subordinates and even anonymous people you see around yourself while commuting to work.  Sufism guides humans to be humble, gentle and kind to everyone.Caring for one another is the best way for helping mankind achieve the ultimate motives of their existence.


Lending your ears to those who need a vent out is the most noble way to help others in today’s busy life schedule. Talk to people who need help in your family, neighborhood, workplace, school or college. Listen to their perspectives and respect their opinions. Many a times, a great portion of enlightenment can be earned by just listening to the experiences of others. So, it is as good a charity for yourself as for the others.


Donate things you no longer need or those you have in surplus. If you really want to know the real meaning of serving the god, by whatever name you know him, serve your fellow beings. Fund someone’s education, buy medicines for the needy, adopt a child. Donate your time to nature. This will allow you to become a wiser being from inside, which would indirectly benefit the society.