This non-profitable charitable trust strongly believes in activities which empower, uplift, enhance and improve the society. We extend aids, reliefs and support in majorly four sectors given below. However, it must be noted that Global Sufi Peace and Research Foundation is not limited to or restricted by any pre-led goals, targeted communities or services. We are always at a look out for collaborations on any social welfare cause in general.

Education Sector:

This charitable trust based in India provides scholarships and related study grants to students in need. We award students with prizes to encourage the idea of literacy. There are so many adults, who grew up in a financially impaired family resulting in early school drop outs. Girls in many parts are still kept miles away from the privilege of school. In past, we have organized several seminars, conferences, free education camps and activities like free distribution of books, note books and other essentials for education to enable learning amongst men and women of all ages. We hope to keep up such efforts in future.

Health Sector:

With a distorted mind-body balance and worsening work-rest imbalance, diseases are at an all-time high. This organization has planned and coordinated medical camps for fighting multiple body ailments, deficiencies and defects. Our non-profitable charitable trust has taken free medicine distribution initiatives in interior areas and natural calamities struck regions. Along with initiating many health-related awareness programs, Global Sufi Peace and Research Foundation also tries to be instrumental in providing financial aids for surgeries to the patients in need

Spiritualism Sector:

We believe that a meaningful awareness about some powerful Sufi teachings can be life changing for many. A lot of books related to humanity, love, peace and significance of existence have been published already by this organization. Our trust encourages budding intellectual writers who promote oneness and equality. Events like seminars, talks, discussions and meditation camps are organized to evaluate and introspect your stance on the fulfillment of life. Such healthy activities are aimed at helping mankind in minimizing stress and maximizing closeness amongst all.

Social Upliftment Sector:

Segregating individuals based on their religion and cast is the biggest misconception ever created in the history of earth. Nature, the biggest of all forces, is impartial in its giving. In today’s world, addiction, depression, discrimination and dejection have clasped creative minds. Hence, it became imperative for an organization to setup programs for elimination of these. Campaigns for helping widows, orphans, animals are also on our priority list. Group marriages (chokhru) are also organized on regular basis.