What is the Historical Gadi of Motamiyan Mangrol?

“Gadi” is an Urdu word which implies a sacred post. Historical Gadi of Motamiyan Mangrol is a holy place of duty held by renowned saints who preach, practice and spread the essence of Sufism. This practice dates 750 years back in the history of time. Motamiyan Mangrol is in Surat district and its name has been pinned after a great Sufi saint

The Essence of Sufism:

Sufism believes that the ultimate path towards enlightenment lies in loving everything and everyone around you. All religions guide their disciples towards peace building and harmony in one way or the other, hence compassion should be nurtured within and between the communities. To spend a life in the service of others is the best service one can do to himself. The Sufi teachings unite individuals all around the globe and uplift the spirits of mankind. Such noble definitions of life and humanity have driven the Global Sufi Peace and Research Foundation to work for the betterment of lives around us.