Stress busting:

Stress is a real party-spoiler for humanity. It cuts the cords which connects you to all good things in life. This non-profit organization aims at culminating stress from all levels of life. We setup up camps, speeches, activities and programs which can aid in stress busting.

Anxiety reduction:

Anxiety is the precursor to stress. It’s driven by factors like impatience, lack of self-belief, overthinking etc. All these factors impair your working abilities. The great news is that it is curable. People all around the globe have devised their own innovative techniques to cope with anxiety and so can you.

Spreading happiness:

If there is any antidote to sadness, it is to spread happiness. Lighting up the life of others is the best way of spending your time. More importantly, participating in such activities will give you an equal amount of joy as indicated by the universal law of equal and opposite reaction. At global sufi peace and research foundation trust we believe in helping mankind rise above mere existence and immerse in the perennial joys of living