Everyone is looking out for the secret to erudition. People are curious on insights about life, god, inner-self and motivation and this non-profit charitable trust based in India wants to assist them in answering all of their queries.


For discovering the most raw and natural answers on enlightenment, humans will have to dive in the ocean called “Self”. Realizing your entire potential, knowing your inner drive is the best measure to cope with all the queries in your mind. Most of the times, the answers you seek are hidden behind your own inhibitions and fears. The global sufi peace and research foundation want to open up platforms for people to come, speak and shed their qualms.


After knowing comes action. A life being lived any lesser than your potential is a life wasted. Invest in yourself. The closer you get to the person you were intended to become, the closer will god come to you. God can imply many meanings to many people and Sufism accommodates them all.

Upliftment of Thoughts:

Thinking bigger, better and brighter is what we want everyone on this planet to do. Think bigger, beyond materials. Think better, beyond boundaries. Think brighter, beyond the prevailing darkness.