Improving lives:

Mapping the world into countries, countries to states, states to districts and districts to communities was a great invention for ruling not for living. The only true identity you carry belongs to no religion and this identity has one name for everybody- humanity. Once people start to follow up on this thought, lives will surely get better because then we won’t be just celebrating festivals anymore, we will be celebrating lives.

Worldwide unity:

United we stand, divided we fall is a phrase which should become the universal motto. The global sufi peace and research foundation wants to stress on the importance of a global collaboration in elimination all social illnesses, setbacks and concerns.

Compassion in all for all:

To understand that no human is born inhuman is important. Love can heal anything. Any suffering individuals on this planet deserves compassion. When you start to see everything from an elevated point of thinking, it is all same and equal.


This organization aims at spreading the message of harmony, love, brotherhood and wellness to every sector irrespective of their personal beliefs. Accepting your responsibility to uplift others is the greatest enlightenment one can ever attain.