Global Sufi Peace and Research Foundation is a charitable trust which is inspired by the historical Gadi of Motamiyan Mangrol (Khanwada-Chishtiya-Faridiya-Sabiriya), one of the oldest traditional Sufi Shrines in India. Present Sajjadanashin of the Gadi of Motamiyan Mangrol is His Holiness Khwaja Salimuddin Fariduddin Chishty, who is also the founder and chief patron of the foundation.

His son and successor Honorable Dr Matauddin Salimuddin Chishty- Peerzada is co-founder of the foundation, under the guideline of his father and with the continuous support of a dedicated team of intellectuals from various fields worldwide, he is actively involved in planning different projects and activities which are being carried out for the betterment of society.

As evident from the name, this trust strongly believes in the gist of Sufism which comes down to the concept of actualization of inner self. Letting your spirits fly in harmony with your inner self is the closest you can get to god – the Almighty.

In a world which is being haunted by multiple fears, a little courage is all that we need. The fear of failures, stress, diseases, terrorism, spiritual hurdles and enigmas are all congregating around mankind. The courage comes from awareness, support and love. Trust on oneself halts the transformation of anxieties into fear. This foundation believes that abolishment of imaginary boundaries and distinctions amongst all humans will bring forth a common way of enlightenment and contentment in the society.

Sufism preaches principles which work irrelevant of your circumstances. The ideologies of love, communal harmony, brotherhood and equality are like the laws of science. They will never fail you no matter what. Global Sufi Peace and Research Foundation is working towards spreading this knowledge worldwide. It has an aim of uniting nations, establishing the right to education, celebrating womanhood and helping humans to lead a meaningful life. This foundation wants to set up a platform from where humans can answer the needs of other humans by any means possible.  This non-profit organization believes that by nurturing collaboration and building collateral ties on sole humanitarian basis, perpetual peace can be secured on earth.