Quality education is a matter of concern in present time, it has a power to transcend lives. Foundation has incorporated various educational aspects and activities on priority in agenda to provide ample opportunities to...

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Health is a harbour of happiness, a complete well-being is impossible without a complete balance of mind and body. A Life style has a very serious impact on health but majority of us are unaware about the fact and its...

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Spirituality is endless ocean, essence of it is constant faith which plays a vital role in spiritual development. We live in the era where the level of tolerance is decreasing and superstitions increasing day by day....

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Social Uplift

When we only think, plan and prioritise almost everything for ourselves, this leads to a self-centred society. Circumstances changes rapidly everywhere, some are in need where as some can be the source during need. Foundation...

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Who Are We?

Global Sufi Peace and Research Foundation is a charitable trust which is inspired by the historical Gadi of Motamiyan Mangrol (Khanwada-Chishtiya-Faridiya-Sabiriya), one of the oldest traditional Sufi Shrines inIndia.Present Sajjadanashin of the Gadi of Motamiyan Mangrol is His Holiness Khwaja Salimuddin Fariduddin Chishty, is also the founder and chief patron of the foundation.

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In Sufism, everything revolves around love. Life starts from love and love is the most important thing to learn while you are living. Sufism teaches a form of love which neither has a face nor has a...
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Sufism uphold oneness as an extraordinary idea. It is the ability to see everything as a single entity. More than things, oneness is to be realized in living creatures. It is knowing that every human...
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This peace building organization believes that humanity needs no segregation into color or type. For seekers, every single person has a significance. Each human has a role which is irreplaceable,...
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Service to mankind
We believe that serving humanity is the most accomplishing deed on this planet. To constantly work for improving the lives of everyone should be the common ambition of all. Our charitable trust based...
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What we aim to achieve

The Global Sufi Peace and Research Foundation is working on a broader set of services. This organization aims at providing a multidimensional growth and improvement for human lives. Foundation is primarily committed to contribute maximum in the fields of Education, Health, Spiritualism and Social Upliftment along with it below are some important priorities and aims:

How can you contribute?

Global Sufi Peace and Research Foundation does not forcibly seek any monetary donations. Our goal is to spread the message of... Read more